Crackers and Colonists: the Ancestors, Decendants and Cousins of Edwin Hardee Turlington sr

Robertses and Turlingtons on John's Island

Charles Everett Turlington enlisted on 12 May 1863 in Company E of the 11th Florida Infantry C.S.A. He was initially stationed at Camp Newport Florida, but on 22 June 1863 he deserted and hid out, until enlisting in Company C - 2nd Florida Calvary (US) (Strickland's Independent Union Rangers) in Taylor County as a refugee from the Confederates on April 10, 1864. He was appointed Sgt. April 21,1864, and 1st Sgt. on October 9,1864. He was furloughed September 29,1865 at Tallahassee, FL. During the latter part of the Civil War, he moved with his family to Cedar Key in Levy county for a period of time before moving back to Taylor County.

Charles Everett Turlington had ten children with Margaret Jane (Henry); six boys and four girls.He remained with this group until 10 April 1864, when he enlisted in Company C, 2nd Florida United States Cavalry in Taylor County. He was appointed Sergeant on 21 April 1864, and promoted to First Sergeant on 9 October 1864. He was furloughed on 28 Sept 1865 and finally discharged from U.S.service on 29 Nov 1865 at Tallahassee, Fla.


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The Turlington family name is traced to William, of early 18th century. If this William is the William christened in Birstall, Leicestershire, England in 1724, the family is traced to his great grandfather William of 1500s.

Great Grandfather William is the father of Edwin christened 1598 in Birstall, perhaps the namesake of the multitude of Edwins in the Turlington family.

Edwin "Ed" Hardee Turlington's great grandfather is Charles Everett Turlington, a former North Carolinian who fought first as a confederate then as a guerrilla for the federalists during the War Between The States (see sidebar). The family is traced (but not proven) to William, of early 18th century. It is unknown whether he is the William christened in Birstall, Liecestershire, England in 1724. If so, the family is traced to his great grandfather William of 1500s. This 1500s William Turlington was the father of Edwin christened 1598 in Birstall, perhaps the namesake of the multitude of Edwins in the Turlington family.

The first known native American in our theoretic Turlington line is Jessie, son of Southey, and grandson of the first William mentioned above, born abt. 1760 in Sampson County, North Carolina.It isn't known when our branch moved to North Carolina, but Charles Everett, the theoretic grandson of Southey and also born in Sampson County, married another North Carolinian (Mary Haggerty) abt.1849 in New Hanover County and moved to Taylor County Florida about 1853.

Eight of Ed's direct ancestors were original Jamestowne colonists. None of his American ancestors since that time have lived north of the Dixon Mason line excepting for military service.

All eight of Ed's great grandparents died in Florida. Four were born in Florida, two Georgia and two England. Nine of his 2nd great grandparents died in Florida, 3 in Georgia and four in England. These 18th and 19th century Floridians and Georgians provide this websites subtitle 'Crackers'. Colonists from this line of Georgians and Floridians settled Southern areas including Jamestown, Virginia and surrounding areas, the Bullock Georgia area, and Hyde, Warren, Sumter, Sampson, and Fairfield Counties of North Carolina.

17th century colonial ancestors include Jamestown settlers Captain Thomas Harwood and Ann Bray (1), their son Major Humphrey Harwood and his wife Anne Needler, Captain James Day Ridley and Mary Bland (2) and their daughter Elizabeth and her husband Peter Ridley. Revolutionary ancestors include North Carolinians William Batchelor Denmark(3), Bartholomew Burns (4) who later served as a Ranger in the Indian Wars (Captain Andrew Lewis’s Company of Appalachian Rangers 1754, Colonial Virginia Militia), Joseph Register (5); South Carolinians Sergeant W. Samuel Jackson Townsend (6),Hugh O'Pry (7), Stephen Costin (8) and Georgian Levi Stephens (9).

Indian Wars veterans include Georgians Thomas Edward Hardee (10) (3rd Seminole War - Carter’s Company, Florida Mounted Volunteers), who later served Florida in the Confederacy (A Company, Magnolia Dragoons / F Company, 8th Florida Infantry Regiment)and Elijah Townsend (11) (Third Seminole War), who also served in the Florida Confederacy (Company B, Florida 7th Infantry Regiment), and South Carolinian Solomon Roberts (12) (1st Seminole War – Minton’s Battalion, Georgia Militia).

Confederate veterans include Floridians Sergeant Charles Everett Turlington (13) (who later justifiably converted to the Federalists), Sergeant James Gary Roberts (14) (Marianna Dragoons Cavalry / Company B 15th Confederate Cavalry), David Louis Ezell (15) (Company A, 1st Battalion Florida Special Cavalry); Georgians Captain Robert Augustus Hardee (16) (Company H, Ninth Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Captain Lot W Townsend (17) (H Company, 50th Georgia Infantry). Ed's second and third born sons, Lieutenant Colonel Lance Britton Turlington and Staff Sergeant Richard Edwin Britton "REB" Turlington are Iraq veterans.

Edwin (Ed) Hardee Turlington Sr., born at Vero Beach Florida to Richard Edwin and Theresa Genice (Hardee) married Nancy Lynn Kelly, born in Miami, Oklahoma to Army Air Force Sergeant Robert Kelly and Myrle Maxine Simmons in 1964 in Miami Oklahoma. They met while attending NEO A&M Jr College. Ed attended on a football and track scholarship from Satellite Beach Florida and Nancy attended on an Ottawa County Junior Miss scholarship from Afton, Oklahoma. They had two children: Edwin Hardee (b. 1968 in Denver, Colorado) and Lance Britton (b.1972 in Denver). Ed and Nancy’s marriage ended in divorce in 1984. Ed served in the US Air Force and an infantry officer in Oklahoma’s 45th Infantry Brigade. All three of Ed’s sons are also 45th Infantry Brigade veterans.

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Confederate Infantry Captain and Florida State Senator Robert Augustus Hardee

Robert Augustus Hardee was born to Thomas Edward Hardee at Quitman, Brooks County, Georgia.